RAISE YOUR FEES with ease!

“How do I charge what I’m worth?” seems to be one of the most common questions asked among women entrepreneurs!  

To answer it directly, you don’t!  

Find out why, what to do instead, and countless other #holyshifts when it comes to pricing your programs, packages, and services so that you can RAISE YOUR FEES With Ease! 
Discover powerful scripts, tips, and techniques to Raise Your Fees With Ease in this powerful program!
Session 1: How to raise your prices without alienating your current clients, or stressing yourself out completely.

Session 2: How do you break the news of a price increase to your current clients, so they want to stick with you – 
even at your new, higher rate.

Session 3: The 5 Factors You MUST consider before you raise your fees with ease.

Session 4: Why not raising your fees can impact the caliber of the clients you work with.   
with instant access to the training that pays for itself!

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A 20-year, 5-time entrepreneur and advocate for women and social justice,  Liz Dederer, CEO of Selling With Service empowers women to make money and create change.

Her flagship business coaching program, the Sales School For Entrepreneurs provides women with the “business-in-a-box” to create a high-touch, low-tech service business so they can experience their first of forever 5-figure months!

Always one to give back, she’s been recognized as Mentor of the Year for the Women’s Mentoring Network for Economic Empowerment in Connecticut and currently serves as President-Elect for her Florida chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners.