Confession. I'm a planner junkie.

Honestly. I think I’ve tried them all.
Some are great at getting the big ideas out.
Some are great at getting things into the weeds.

But what I’ve been most challenged with is finding ONE planner that takes me from the ideation phase step by step into the implementation phase.

So I fixed that.

Introducing… The 2 Comma Momma Planner.

Why 2 Comma Momma?
2 Comma’s… 7 Figures.

Now in all transparency, integrity, and fairness, I’m not there (yet).  I like rhyming, the name sounds fun.. AND… part of that ideation process includes… “what would the future 2 Comma Momma version of me look back on right now and advise me to do?”


That’s the essential premise of this planning system.

Intended more to be used as a quarterly planner, this 2-Comma-Momma will walk you through a series of extremely thought-provoking questions to have you looking at yourself – now and next – through some mental yoga to ultimately culminate in a 90-day plan.

Simple. Streamlined. Straightforward.

I’ve been using this (albeit messier versions till I designed this) for the better part of a decade.  This single planning process has taken me from “What if?” to “What’s next?”

“A dream without a plan is a wish without demand.”


Don’t just think about it… write it down and make it happen!

    • Life in review
    • Commitment to my future self
    • Creating your personal avatar
    • Mapping your core values
    • Identifying your 9 in 90 Action Plan
    • 20 Year Planner
    • One Year Planner by Quarter and Month
    • One Year Planner by Week
    • ….and so much more.

Design the life you're made to be living!

2-Comma-Momma Action Planner

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