"This ONE SESSION was worth more

than all my years with previous business coaches!"

Do you want to have fun and easy sales conversations, often?!

During this 1-hour Sales Optimization Session, we’ll take a look at your current sales and marketing plan to identify simple, yet significant shifts you can implement immediately!

Area’s we can cover include:
  • Identify your “low-hanging fruit” outreach strategy 
  • Develop the outline for your Sales Optimization Playbook 
  • Create a capture plan for your upcoming webinar
  • Prepare for your next sales conversation
  • Simplify to a high-touch, low-tech $120K business model
  • Map the automation of your Client Success System
  • How to go from pro-bono to paid
  • Growth strategies… and more
  • 10 mins – Discussing your intake assessment
  • 45 mins – Brainstorming and strategizing
  • 5 mins – Summarizing and outlining next steps
  • Conclusion – Receive action steps, recommended support tools and the recording of our session within 3 business days. 
But wait! There’s more!  😉
As you apply what we’ve strategized you’re bound to have some questions.
That’s why we give you a BONUS 30-minute implementation session to be scheduled with in 3-4 weeks of your Power-Hour!

All payments are non-refundable. If either party is unable to keep the scheduled time, all reasonable efforts will be made to reschedule within a reasonable time frame.