Meet Tricia…

“My revenue DOUBLED in the first 2 months
in the Sales School For Entrepreneurs and I can honestly say 100% of my business revenue is a direct result of the training I’ve received!”

When I read about Liz’s ideal client, Sam, I thought she was talking about me!  I was overworking, undercharging, and did not have enough business processes in place to support any sort of growth.

I started in the Conversation Creation Challenge where several things became extremely apparent to me.  Liz has a willingness and ability to meet me where I am. She has broad range of business experience and expertise from retail to technology to consulting to entrepreneurial ventures- and pulls on all of it all the time.  She’s relatable, hilarious and combining this with her undeniable business experience she simplifies ideas and concepts into digestible, actionable steps.

The simplicity of the concepts, “they’re already a client“, “email is for confirmation, not conversation“, and of course, “always book a something from a something” have been absolute game changers in the way I operate in my business.

Having conversations are productive AND enjoyable for everyone! 

Now, not only is it second nature to develop systems in my business, I am actively operating (mindset shift) as the CEO of my business rather than an employee.

Because of Liz’s support, expertise and simplicity of her solutions, I put myself first and fit my business around my lifeand I’m making the most I ever has as an entrepreneur! 

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