Meet Roxana…

“I teach my clients to go out and ask for their worth—and I needed to do the same!  She showed me that there was no reason I shouldn’t be a seven-figure business. And I thought, ‘OK, done!’”

“I decided I needed to up my game in terms of pricing. Liz and I went through the different income streams that my business brings in, and she said, ‘You’re playing small in terms of your fees—let’s give you a raise.’

Rather than just talk about it – she walked me through exactly how I would accomplish this and helped me solidify my ‘Why’.  Liz helped me level up my sales which has been extremely valuable.

Some of my past clients didn’t renew their contracts because of the price increase, but this made space for four new clients just in the past month, all of whom are happy to pay the higher fees

I’m already a strategic thinker but sometimes you need someone to validate what you’re thinking or give you a different spin on things. Liz gives me a bird’s eye view on a situation, which helps think and maneuver a little differently, so I get the best results.

And we don’t just talk about it. The resources Liz provides in Sales School are so simple but so powerful.  She also freely shares tech-hacks that save me so much time and frustration – I use them everyday!

As entrepreneurs, we’re always running a hundred miles an hour. I’m always working to keep my clients accountable by meeting consistently—and I also need someone to keep me accountable. That’s what Sales School does – and that’s how the real transformation happens.


If you’re thinking about Sales School, don’t hesitate.

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and invest in your business. This is one of the best investments you could make!

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