Meet Jasleni…

“I went from busting my ass for years, to working in a smart, efficient way, and even being able to take time off whenever I wantThis past July was my most profitable month in the 4-year history of my business, and I did the least amount of work.”

“Even though I’m a chatty person by nature, having sales conversations used to make me incredibly uncomfortable.


I always felt like I had to say yes to everyone who came my way. I’ve always had a hard time saying no because I want to help as many people as possible—and I feel an obligation to help if I can!  Add to that always feeling like I had to do a design job immediately at a really affordable rate – and I was heading straight for burnout!

Dealing with money issues, which was always the biggest challenge for me – but fixing it has been the most rewarding! Between facing my fears in the weekly laser coaching sessions with Liz, and using the tools and language I know how to rephrase things on the phone with a client in a power powerful way and it’s actually EASY for me to ask for money! 

I was also able to see that while I thought I was helping, under-charing and over-delivering for clients was actually working against me making it difficult for me to deliver and show up at my best. I’ve learned to be unattached to the outcome of any sales conversation – knowing who I work best with,  the value of my work, and when to walk away. And that’s huge!

Because of Sales School, I’m able to show up as my best, deliver my best, help the right people, and do it in a way that’s financially feasible – and I don’t feel bad about it. I’m breathing EASY!

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