Now, more than ever, we need women to
make money and create change.

But there’s a problem.
Even though…



Women owned businesses account for 40% of all privately held businesses… 

There are 114% more Women Entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago…

62% of Women Entrepreneurs cite their business as their primary source of income…

9 MILLION people are employed by Women Entrepreneurs…





Women Entrepreneurs earn 28% LESS than their male counterparts AND 

Only 1% of Women Entrepreneurs have crossed the 2-comma mark.

Something is seriously NOT adding up.

Here are a few reasons why…


1) Women have literally never been taught to speak around & about money.
(In fact, women are taught that it’s taboo, icky, or even rude.)


2) Women have only had the right to get a bank loan for a business WITHOUT A MANS SIGNATURE since 1988.


3) Sales training and coaching programs were created in a male dominated paradigm –


Sources: Fundera, NAWBO, AMEX 

So, yeah, we’re on a mission to change this.


We’re on a mission to make it easier for women to be in business for themselves.


We really exist for one reason: to empower women to speak their value and own their worth so they never live a life that compromises their ability to be the best version of themselves.


To be the international gold standard for conversational selling.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs will trust us to develop the foundation, positioning, and client facing conversations to grow their businesses.

Fast growing companies will seek us out to certify their sales teams in Selling With Service.

Women across the globe will flock to us to develop and enhance life empowerment skills.


The Sales School For Entrepreneurs is our primary vehicle to teach women how to make money and create change!

We develop and implement Women's Empowerment and Leadership Programs in progressive, diverse and inclusive organizations.

Let us do what WE do best,
so you can do more of what YOU do best!


All lives will matter when #BlackLivesMatter.

Diversity and inclusivity are non-negotiable.

Empowering women is the key to saving our planet.


And we know money moves these missions.


This is why we help women
make money and create change.

Founder & CEO

A 20-year 5-time entrepreneur, Liz Dederer, CEO of Selling With Service, empowers women to use their voice to make money and create change!

Her flagship business coaching program, the Sales School For Entrepreneurs, helps solo-entrepreneurs experience their first of forever 5-figure months, streamline their sales and marketing process and master the ability to create clients from conversations with ease!

An advocate for women and social justice, Liz develops Women’s Empowerment Leadership Programs for the women and their male allies inside forward-thinking companies creating a clear pathway for gender-balanced retention and ascension.

Always one to give back, Liz has been recognized as the eWomenNetwork’s Chapter Fem-tor of the Year and Mentor of the year for the Women’s Mentoring Network non-profit organization. As President for her chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), she is a leading voice advocating for women in business both locally in Florida and at a national level.

An accomplished speaker, Liz brings wit and wisdom when she speaks about women’s empowerment, sales and money at regional and national conferences. In addition to Edward Jones, JP Morgan Chase, and the University of Hartford, Liz has been featured on the International Women and Money Summit, is the producer “Excuse Me, Ma’am, Your Wage Gap is Showing™,” and creator of The Four Currencies of Conversations™, a ground-breaking approach so you can speak your value and own your worth!

Selling With Service is helping more people help more people!

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