“Nothing focuses you faster than a paying client!”

For over 10 years I’ve been working directly with start-up’s, solo’s, small agencies, firms, coaches, designers, free-lancers, and other service providers.  

Their businesses all changed when we shifted ONE thing:
Leading With Value and Selling With Service.

Hi! I'm Liz Dederer, a 20-year 5-time entrepreneur
and I want you to enjoy building your
boutique service business
with clients you love who pay you really, really well!

Like you, and most of my clients, I’m an over-deliverer … and recovering  under-charger.
(My first coaching package was 3 sessions for $99 … AND I would drive to you… AND I would pay for lunch!) #facepalm

It took me *cough* years to remove head from a**, speak my value and OWN my worth!

The good news for you is that this is, in part, why I’m so passionate about and constantly compressing your learning timeline so you’re earning sooner rather than later or never!

For a while, my business model looked EXACTLY like the one you’re going to learn in The Sales School For Entrepreneurs and that’s how I got to my first 6-Figure Year in this business…


Because I’m such a *pay-if-forward* person, I then started showing my clients STEP-BY-STEP what I did to get there… and ya know what – they started out-earning me!

Then I started helping a few in some super small groups  …  and ya know what – THEY were getting the same results….

So THEN I was like  – let me live my business motto and help MORE people help more people!

And POOF – The Sales School For Entrepreneurs was born!

(Totally the Disney version of the story, but I do share all the drudgeries inside the school … and yes, things ending in *tini are welcomed on those days!) 

“Clarity comes from conversation. Confusion comes from thought.”

Schedule a call to discuss what’s working best in your business and we’ll figure out ways to make it even better

VIP Mentorship


We provide you with a done-for-you-business plan, proven systems, scripts, swipe files, marketing, selling, and closing skills training and support
so you can create income on demand for the rest of your business life!  


Service based entrepreneurs who want to earn $120K annually running a boutique business working with a handful of clients they love, are great at what they do, but suck at talking to others about it.


“Business-In-A-Box” sales development with hands on training designed to not only strengthen your selling skills, but also give you the framework, structure, systems and support so you can actually make money while you’re enrolled!


At-Least Once A Week*

  • Weekly 1-hour LIVE “Follow-Up” coaching sessions every Friday 
  • Monthly MasterClass
  • *holidays and sick time excluded
  • #entrepreneursoverdeliver


Where ever you are!

  • Zoom, FB Group, and coming soon: our BRAND NEW Business Resource Center with:
  • Business Forms, Spreadsheets, Swipe Copy, Additional Trainings, Action Guides, and more.
  • In the meantime, you get access to all of the above, it’s just not fancy yet! #doneisbetterthanperfect


Truly only you can answer that for yourself. 
But here are some of the reasons others have enrolled:


I FIRMLY BELIEVE that Sales School for Entrepreneurs ‘should’ be the LAST thing you should be paying for out of pocket.

In fact, 100% of Sales School Graduates who enrolled in our advanced business development program
paid for it with money they earned from their first semester of training!
You’re literally earning while you’re learning! #kindofanobrainer



I wish I knew about this program before completing my MBA.
Not only did I learn more here, instead of spending thousands of dollars, I would have learned how to make thousands sooner!”

All payments are non-refundable. 

Our 12-Week Program is in session, but it’s not to late to join LIVE!

Join our LIVE classes every Teaching Tuesday, Laser Coaching on Follow Up Friday’s AND get immediate access to the Library including past classes, done for you business materials, swipe files, forms and more!